Social Security

The Nature of Social Security                        

Social Security benefits are checks from the government to either a retired person, someone who is disabled and has been unable to work for more than twelve months, for a person whose condition is expected to result in death, and the survivors of the original beneficiary. It provides the person with financial assistance based on the amount they paid in Social Security taxes throughout their working lives. Social Security is a Federal administration and conducts all their appeals in their own courts. For more on the appeals system, click here

Denied Social Security Benefits?                     

An average of 53% of disability claims are denied nationwide. If you are one of those, you have the right to seek assistance from a lawyer who can then help you appeal the decision. The doctors that determine your disability and thus, eligibility for Social Security, are those within the Social Security Administration itself. Unlike Workers’ Compensation cases, we do not send you to a doctor. Attorney fees are not paid to the attorney directly. When the case is settled, the attorney receives payment directly from Social Security. There is no direct cost to you.